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Seal life issues

I've been running water/ACN gradients with 0.1% TFA in both at around 1000bar max and my plunger seals have only been lasting about a month. Any suggestions?
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The 1000 Bar pressure is well within the limit , so this may not a reason for your case. Water and ACN are also used extensively in HPLC , if in doubt normally fine filtering change of supplier or vendor are the few of the things that we do to isolate this type of trouble Also TFA you are using , is there a possibility of using some other stabilizer , or using TFA at a lower concentration are few of the possibilities that can be tried. Please note there are no frequent plunger seal failure notice or defect on this part has been observed , we suggest you to try our suggestions . If you need more information or if the problem persists, please call 1-800-227-9770 and choose option #3 for Technical Support. Agilent Customer Support Thank you Agilent Customer Support for providing this response.

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