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What is the difference iin Styragel and Ultra Styragel GPC columns?

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Hello Jerome, here is some clarification from our product manager:   

The old naming convention was MicroStyragel, ~ 15 micron and Ultrastyragel ~10 micron.   We rebranded the columns for high resolution, high temperature and high molecular weight.  The different particle sizes have different efficiency and stability for different applications and temperatures.  

  • Styragel HR 5 micron
  • Styragel HT 10 micron
  • Styragel HMW 20 micron

  We still have a few columns labeled as Ultrastyragel as customers were dependent on them, but the Ultra and the Styragel HT are the same particle size and product.  


Product info: http://www.waters.com/waters//GPC-%26-SEC-Columns/nav.htm?cid=513226  


Thanks, Karen  

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Thanks for the explanation.

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