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Temp Controller Status - HC11 Fault


I have just restarted a GC-MS that was sitting unused for a few months.  I can't complete the pump-down procedure and on checking MS Temp Controller Status I get the followng message:

"HC11 Fault.

Heater Timeout. Must power cycle to clear.

Heater Voltage too LOW

No Heater Voltage Present.

Quad RTD is Shorted.

Quad RTD not connected.

Source RTD is Shorted.

Source RTD not connected."

Any ideas what might be causing this?  I cycled power to no effect.  What is the RTD? I can't find a reference to this in the users or installation manuals.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Dan Ste.Marie
Andrew, It sounds like the quad heater and source heater are not connected. The RTD is the type of thermocouple for these heated zones. I would recommend you vent the instrument and then verify that the heaters and RTDs are plugged into the small white interconnect board on the interior side of the sidepiece. I would also check the resistance of the RTDs which should be around 100 ohms. The RTDs have the white leads on them. I bet that they are either missing or bad. Dan

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