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I have recently inherited a 5973inert GCMS Model G2589A. I am unsure of the actual configuration, however it appears to have subambient capabilities as there is a swagelok fitting (1/4" i think) on the left side, CI hardware, and a CTC PAL. Users of the system don't know much about either, other than the headspace oven (agitator?)isn't working. I would like to get the unit functional, however i don't have any idea as to the configuration, or is it is still original at all. I am interested in doing negative ion gcms, but don't know if it is configured for this. Any ideas how to tell? Software doesn't allow for change of polarity in manual tune if that is any indication, however the instrument serial number indicates that it is EI/CI PCI/NCI. Haven't contacted Agilent as yet, as i have no budget to speak of for the project.

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Dan Ste.Marie
If this has CI capability, then you have the capability to run negative CI analyses. It will not show up in manual tune but will when you enter CI tuning. The 1/4" fitting on the left side does indicate that it has capability for subambient oven operations. You will need to dig further to identify whether it is for LNO2 or LCO2. As far as the CombiPAL, is the headspace agitator not shaking or not heating? If it's not shaking the belt might have slipped off or broken, if it's not heating you will likely have to replace the heater. Feel free to contact me with any additional questions. Dan

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