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software re-installed, configuration issue

QuantaMaster 400. The issue is the hard drive died, so I had to reinstall the software (FelixGX). When I try to acquire spectra, the results don't look correct/like they did previously. I'm pretty sure that some of the configuration settings in the software are incorrect, but I don't know for sure and the ones that I tried either didn't fix the issue or wouldn't save. I suspect we have a non-standard configuration (i.e., non-standard modules - maybe the excitation/emission monochromators, labeled Mono300, and the detector), but I just don't know. Or maybe it needs to be re-calibrated.

Not sure if relevant, but the number on the USB that seems to be the software license key is H1139. The "master serial number" on the instrument is 3384. The monochromator portions are Mono300 with S/N 1072 and 1073. Some other part has the serial number 2811-MP1.

I have looked through the various manuals for FelixGX etc., and I've done everything that I'm capable of doing.

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