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Does any body know how to take the motor out of a becman coulter allegra 6r centrifuge?

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I help out on this message board when I have the time but I am not on here each and every day so a little patience is in order.

First, after unplugging the centrifuge and removing your rotor, Remove the black rubber boot around the bottom of the chamber assuming that you do indeed have the Allegra 6R version centrifuge. Also remove the front panel assembly by extracting all of the hex screws from around the panel as well as any nuts that are holding it place from below. Disconnect all of the cables leading to the drive assembly. You will know which ones to disconnect by tracing the cables coming from the motor to the main board assembly. After disconnecting those cables, remove the 6 nuts that hold the drive motor to the mounting plate along with the spacers and rubber bushings. You will then need to slowly wiggle the motor up and out of the opening. The tach sensor is located in the bottom of the drive housing and held in place with a screw. It sometimes gets loose from vibrations. In addition, check the magnetic ring around the pulley at the bottom of the drive. If the magnetic ring has gotten all cracked or has loosened up on the motor shaft then either tighten the nut holding it in place or replace it if it is damaged. Put everything back in the opposite order. If there is nothing wrong with the drive assembly then you in all likelihood have a problem with the main board or even the display board assembly. From where I sit I really can't say which as typically a problem like this was fixed by doing a parts swap.


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