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Dout about Mars 5

Dear CEM,    

I have a question about digestion oven MARS 5. We have an equipment MARS 5 in our laboratory. We need determine proteins in wheat flour and the first step in this method is an acid digestion according to procedure below:

  "-Weigh approximately 1,0g or 0,25g of the sample into the test tube and make 

- For weighing 1 g add approximately 7 g or for weighing 0.25g add approximately 1.0g of the prepared catalyst (catalyst = 10:1 sodium sulfate : copper sulfate) into the tube with the sample;

- For weighing 1g add 13 ml  sulfuric acid or weigh 0.25g add 6.00 mL of P.A. sulfuric acid;

- Place the tubes in the rack, take to the heat exchanger block approximately 400 ° C until complete sample digestion (staining of the sample at the end of digestion is light green);

- After digestion, remove the tubes from the digester block and wait for the sample cool down;

- Turn on the"

My question is if I can replace the digester block of this method by MARS 5. Could we use MARS 5 to this digestion step of the method?

Thank you.

  Best regards!

  Milena Angiolucci

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