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Low Platelets Yield in PRP

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

Greetings from Cigalah group (KSA), and I hope my message reaches you well and in good health. allow me to introduce myself my name is Radwan Qouqas am the country sales manager of Cigalah Group (Lab Division). we are a market leader in the field of medical instrumentation in KSA.

We used to represent the manufacturer MSE whihc used to manufacture a blood bank centrifuge Model CellSep 6/720R whihc I can see offered also by your company and we have got 6 new units that are being installed however, we need your technical support if possible as the manufacturer have went into liquidation and the factory is closed. our client is facing a problem whihc I believe its related to settings as they have a very platlets count (Yield) in the PRP (Platelets Rich Plasma). our engineers have checked the system speed and balance...etc and found no problem with the device but still the problem persist.

ill mention below the protocol settings used:

1st Spin:

Speed = 2000 RPM

T = 8 min

Acc. = 8

Brake = 1

Temp. = 22 Degrees

2nd Spin:

Speed = 4200 RPM

T= 8 - 10 Min

Acc.= 9

Break = 8

Temp. = 22 Degrees

Cryo Spin:

Speed = 4200

Time = 8 - 10 Min

Acc. = 9

Brake = 8

Temp. = 4 Degrees

I really appreciate your advice for this top urgent matter or if you can put me in contact with someone from the technical team.

Thanks & Warm Regards,

Radwan Qouqas


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