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Tecan Fluent - Impressions, Value, Etc


We are considering a Fluent 780 for our drug monitoring plate preparation workflow and I am seeking information from users of the Fluent and it's various options. What are the pros/cons? How much should we expect to spend for the initial purchase and then annually in service/consumables? How does the reliability and operation stack up to the Freedom EVO?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Dear DJB,

I read your post with interest,

The Fluent is a new product - with new software, associated challenges

The Freedom EVO is an older, more established platform in the market place with a wider variety of options available

A new Fluent, with an "average" timeframe to install, setup, define application & let you complete validation could be 6-12 months - I have seen longer, I have seen shorter!

I have completed similar plate based workflows in your application area, install-validate in less than 2 months - on a Freedom EVO (the platform I would choose)

I have designed workflows with full LIMS interface, full specimen tracking throughout the workflow & a complete audit trail with ability to continuously load to maximize the batch sizes for your LC-MS/MS - in addition to external modules for SPE processes, SLE processes or simple Dilute & Shoot!

Both Fluent & EVO platforms are available in refurbished configurations - where you can save considerable $$$ in addition to working with an experienced Laboratory Validation Specialist, to provide you with a working solution in less time

Consumables for both platforms are essentially the same

Service options for both platforms vary - as the Fluent is a newer platform, service is limited to Tecan only or a few select 3rd party vendors

The EVO, as it has been around a lot longer, has a much wider range of service provisions

The conclusion is ...

It depends on budget & your reliance on the manufacturer to deliver a complete solution, or whether your lab has experience in building/configuring an automated system

A Fluent could cost $125,000+ - similar price for a new EVO - but ask Tecan what level of "implementation" they could offer, typically extra cost for simple process setup

A refurbished platform (to meet your needs) could be 2/3 of the above price - delivered, installed, setup, validated with full training for lab operators & support ongoing to ensure maximum uptime for new processes


Please let me know if you have questions or want to discuss further

Optimize Laboratory Consultants



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