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Help programming pressure and flow on HP 5890 Series II Plus GC

We've been using HP 5890 GC's (TCD & FID) w. split/splitless inlet and manual pressure controls with success.

We've recently purchased a refurbished HP 5890 GC Series II Plus w. EPC and I can't find clear instructions on how to set flow and/or pressure.  There are two screens in the software I would appreciate guidance with:
1)  Inlet Pressure Program screen
2)  Packed Column flow control screen
I don't know the relevance of 'Packed Column' flow control since the GC came with a megabore 0.53um column although we plan to switch to a 0.25mm x 60m column.  We plan to use capillary, not packed columns??

There is obviously interplay between the keypad and the software.  Changing the intlet pressure on the keypad produces a change in flowrate measured at the FID outlet, and the 'actual' pressure reported on the Inlet Pressure program screen changes, but I don't know how to do the reverse.

On the 'Packed Column Flow Control' screen, I've entered three sets of Press and flow reading, from which the software correctly calculates an equation relating the two variables.  On the Inlet Pressure Program screen, I can Enter Values such as Column Length, Column diameter, Gas and then?? so what now?

There are buttons on this same screen labelled 'Pressure', Flow, Split Flow/Ratio?? then what?

If anyone can direct me to a set of instructions of video explaining how to set this up, I'll be very grateful

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So I'm replying to my own question.  After some trial and error and digging through the help files, we managed to figure out the operation of the EPC in this software.  It's quite simple, once one knows how.

I am surprised at how little instruction is available on line for the HP Chemstation (for those of us that do not attend a training conference).  If I get ambitious, I'll post a video on this sometime, when I get time.


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