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Control no commutation repair options cycler, Not powering up

The conrtol panel is not commucating with the cycler verified issue by connecting with another Mastercycler base also no com to cycler.  Is there anyone that repairs the control panel other than Eppendorf?

Mastercycler Pro Model # 6231, Ser # 6231BO517260,  error code 0x010A error reading version of power supply unit,   Going into service mode only System option comes up not cycler option.  When under the system option only panel menu comes up, the index only gives information for the panel 6320-820.004-07.  The System property info is SW 1.014, ep App 0.801, OS 5.4MB/14.1MB, User 14.8MB/16.0MB.


The status lamp and the 7 digit display are not on.  I do hear the relay click on the main power supply when power is turned on.  The fan will not run when power at 24 volts dc from a power supply.

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Did you find out what the cycler problem was?

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TEC board.

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