How to clear a warning from the display after a repair has been performed

We have a Sanyo MIR-254 incubator. We received a warning message, and have since replaced the air circulation fan motor. However, we do not have an idea how to clear the error message from the display.
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Have you used a new fan supplied from the manufacturer (now PHC Europe)?  In my experience these circulation fan motors can have a third wire for a return signal.  We have tried fitting non manufacturer fans before as they are considerably cheaper but they do not function as this third wire is missing.

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that is not what they asked Warwickjon. Not helpful

Press menu button. Go to tools

Press menu again got to SVC

Password 384

Go to calibration and navigate to the bottom of the menu where it says function 

Type 222

Press enter press menu press ok

Press CE button as many times as nessassary to return to the normal screen

Error should be gone

Your welcome

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