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Need Frequency Converter PC Board

We have an '03 5810 centrifuge that needs a new PC board. Looking for a last shred of hope before biting the bullet and purchasing new centrifuge. Eppendorf will not service or sell parts for machine this old. Not sure if I can get this part anywhere else!

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Paul Moyer

Try contacting Sahara Simba Electronics, they repair Eppendorf boards and have parts for some models as well. saharasimba.com



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If you get an error 6 at the beginning of a run when you push start, try replacing capacitor C11 (100µF / 35V) near the heat sink'd driver transistor on the main board. (It's a common fix on other Eppendorfs, too; I think the eletrolytic juice dries out in them over the years.)

If you get an error 6 at the end of a run when you push stop, look at the braking resistor(s). A model 5424 that I worked on had an error 6. What looked like a fused jumper bar had popped on the brake resistor. Soldered it back and it worked fine.

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