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error 6 - correct resistance reading

can someone confirm what the correct reading should be  for the brake resistor?

the resistor has pwr-trs 266.01, 16r/j 1637

this sounds like a 160 ohm resistor.  can someone confirm, as i called eppendorf and spoke with seemed like a kid and she said its supposed to be 330 ohm.

the reading i have is 159 ohms, i cant imagine its supposed to be 330ohms, resistors usually dont fail like that. they open or short, but usually open.

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160 ohms

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The part number might be pwr-trs 266.01, 160r/J with a 4digit date code.  It has a spring loaded thermal fuse that has opened on our unit.  Eppendorf does not recommend resoldering the thermal fuse.  The Eppendorf part number is 5405 850.263 and currently is out of stock till September 2021.

Does anyone have a work around for this or an alternate vendor for purchase of one?

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