I have a T100 IMMERSION THERMOSTAT AND BATH and we have filled the bath to the min and max limits set the temp to 78 Degrees and turned it on .

we have tested it and it will run fine get to temp for the time that we have set our selfs which it usually 16 hours but on other days , the float alarm will sound to saying that the level is low but upon making sure we have limits correct the alarm will continue .

we have sent the system back to GRANT Scientific and they have tested and said that it is working fine now its strange because when we got it back it worked ok but on next day it got to 38 degrees and the alarm came on again. 

im woundering if we are doing some wrong, i dont want to bother GRANT again so soon if its just something stupid .

the float is completley covered and i have checked the max level for the bath which is around 18 litres (130cm ) from bottom of bath 


many thanks if anyone can help




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