How to control the flow of plunger pump

How to control the flow of plunger pump

(1) Improve the system planning of plunger pump. After repeated verification, the leading priority valve and load sensing full plunger steering system are finally selected. Regardless of the size of the load and the uneven speed of the steering wheel, the new system can distribute the flow according to the steering demand. You can use some equipment to supply oil to the operating equipment circuit, then eliminate the power loss caused by too much oil supply to the steering circuit, increase the system power, and reduce the working pressure of the plunger pump.
(2) Optimize the appearance of the boom cylinders and the plunger pumps to reduce the operating pressure of the system. After optimization calculation, select boom cylinder from standard series 80 / 4. The displacement of the plunger pump is increased from 10ml / R to 14ml / R, and the set pressure of the system is 14MPa, which meets the lifting force and speed requirements of the boom cylinder.
(3) During the operation, pay attention to the correct use and protection of the loader, add or replace the hydraulic oil regularly, keep the cleanliness of the oil, and strengthen the regular observation and protection.

Technical parameters:
1. Work positioning 12 stations, two stations synchronous welding;
2. IGBT transistor high frequency power supply 2x25kw, working frequency 25 ± 5KHz;
3. Input voltage 380V, frequency 50 (60) Hz;
4. Water cooling system: water pressure 2-3kgf / cm2, input water temperature < 30 ?, water flow 30L / min;
5. Automatic switch to two-stage heating mode;
6. Operation mode: automatic program control / manual control;
7. Overall dimension: 1875x1680x1680.

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