Daily maintenance technology of high pressure water pump

Daily maintenance technology of high pressure water pump

1? Vibration during operation
1. Unstable pipeline support and loose foundation bolts of high-pressure water pump are the common causes of vibration. It is necessary to tighten all bolts to prevent loosening.
2. If there is gas in the liquid, carefully check whether the connecting bolts on the sealing surfaces of the high-pressure water pump and water inlet pipeline are loose, whether the sealing gasket is damaged, and whether the pump body and pipeline system parts are damaged.
3. If the high-pressure water pump is not concentric with the motor shaft, it should be adjusted. If the rotating belt is too loose or the joint is not in good contact, it will also cause vibration. When the impeller of high-pressure pump is running unevenly, it is easy to form vibration due to wear of impeller or blockage of individual impeller channel, and sometimes vibration is caused by poor balance of impeller due to shaft bending.
2? Noise increases during operation
Bearing noise: the sound source of the bearing device, the iron bar or screw driver is used to support the bearing device part, and the ear is used to listen, which is a clattering sound.
Motor noise: it's a howling noise. You can only change the motor.
Cavitation noise: sound source in the pump cavity, crackling sound.
3. Hot motor
If the outer wall of the motor is hot, it may run over current. You can close the outlet valve and adjust it to run within the rated current. It may also be the quality problem of the motor coil, so the motor can only be replaced.
The rotating parts show friction, friction resistance increases, and the motor may be hot due to over current. Therefore, stop the machine to check whether the rotor is sensitive.
The bearing of the motor is heated, and the bearing may be short of oil or damaged. It needs to be repaired or replaced.
The working voltage is too low. Check the circuit and adjust the voltage.
No water flow after start-up: there is air in the pump or air accumulated in the inlet pipe, or the bottom valve is not closed tightly, the water supply is insufficient, the packing of vacuum pump leaks seriously, and the gate valve or flap valve is not closed tightly.

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