How to improve the working efficiency of high pressure pump


High pressure pump is mainly a kind of equipment to provide high pressure power, in our life is very widely used, especially in some high floors, long pipeline transportation, groundwater collection and so on. However, high pressure pump in a long time after use, easy to appear pressure shortage, low work efficiency and other problems, seriously affect the efficiency of use. So, what method can solve the problem of low working efficiency of high pressure pump? Let's take a look.

1. Improve the finish of the high-pressure pipe
The realization of this phenomenon requires us to clean the pipe wall, make the high-pressure pipe smoother, effectively reduce the friction between the pressure and the pipe wall, and increase the amount of pressure entering.
2. Transformation of high-pressure pipes
It may be that the high pressure pipe before is too thin, resulting in pressure can not be completely into the high pressure pump, resulting in the material conversion failed to achieve the desired effect. We thicken the high-pressure pipe to expand the pressure entry area.
3. Improvement of high-pressure pump nozzle
In the high pressure pump nozzle exit to reduce the chamfering radian, to avoid should flow too fast influence pressure injection quality, after reasonable improvement, for the high pressure pump efficiency to improve greatly.
4. Shorten the length of pipe wall
For the unnecessary pipe wall in production, we can properly reduce, too long pipe will affect the air circulation, remove the excess pipe wall can improve the work efficiency of high pressure pump.
5. Do good maintenance
If you want to improve your work efficiency, maintenance is essential. Good maintenance, not only can prolong the service life, reduce economic costs, but also can solve the problem of low efficiency.
Although, high work efficiency can bring good economic benefits, but, if there is no reasonable transformation of the high-pressure pump will bring the opposite effect. So, it has to be done in a certain way.

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