Durability of plunger pump application


What are the important reasons for the durability of quantitative piston pump

The submergence of the pump below the surface of the downhole fluid plays an important role in determining the efficiency of the type of plunger pump commonly used in well service. When not fully submerged, the pump will provide less than half of the theoretical plunger displacement. In many cases, since the operator cannot maintain proper submergence on the pump, it is likely to produce only half of the capacity they can produce.

This paper describes the conditions inside and around the fixed displacement piston pump when it is running in the well. These conditions affect the effect of submergence on the pump efficiency. It also provides a conclusion indicating the approximate submergence, and emphasizes the necessity of understanding the working level of the pump well. The theoretical conception of the factors affecting the efficiency change of the pump caused by submergence, unless immersed in the well fluid, the plunger pump relies on the oil supply under the suction of the rising plunger, which is enough to pump out the oil supply enough to fill the working cylinder, through the restricted hole at the standing valve and lower plunger screw nut. The hydrostatic head needs to be generated in the oil level of the vertical valve by immersion.

Quantitative piston pump is always the pillar of sewage treatment plant design. An important reason for the durability of the application is that the pump design has been successful in dealing with difficult to pump sludge flows, and the pump design allows the implementation of often unstable maintenance and maintenance procedures in many municipal services. Botany. Although no equipment can operate without maintenance or significantly exceeding the design parameters, in most cases, the simple and basically robust design of the plunger pump will "forgive" poor maintenance and periodic overpressure and load conditions without failure. Proper maintenance and application of dividends have an extremely long service life, in some cases, as long as continuous operation for many years.

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