Hydraulic motor disassembly steps

Hydraulic motor disassembly steps

The clearance of each moving pair of hydraulic motor from the factory has been well matched, and the user is not allowed to change parts casually. In general, do not open the motor at will, only in the case of serious failure, we need to agree with the company to open the inspection.

(1) Preparation before opening
Remove the drain plug and drain the oil from the motor housing.
Loosen 5 screws on the pan and remove the pan.
Take out the oil distribution pan, positioning ring, pad, cylindrical pin and double-headed key.
Note: In order to prevent the change of backward rotation in the reassembly, the marks of the same square shall be made on the end face of the output shaft and the oil distribution plate surface.

(2) Sequence of disassembly and installation
Remove the cover, screw the clean screw into the center screw hole of the crankshaft, and lift out the crankshaft.
Remove the clamping ring on the connecting rod.
3. Take out the connecting rod components of the plunger body, and make corresponding marks one by one, so as to ensure the original assembly clearance during reassembly. If necessary, the combination of the plunger body and connecting rod can be decomposed again: loosen the hole with the spring retaining ring, take out the retaining ring, and the plunger body and connecting rod can be separated.
4. Assemble according to the opposite procedure above, and pay attention to ensure the axial clearance of the bearing.
All parts must be cleaned before assembly to prevent scratch or scratch any working surface.
If there is only oil leakage in the sand hole of the plunger sleeve or oil leakage in the joint surface of the plunger sleeve and the shell, loosen the screws on the plunger sleeve, remove the plunger sleeve, and replace the plunger sleeve or "O" ring.

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