Analysis of common hydraulic pump faults in daily life

Analysis of common hydraulic pump faults in daily life

Fault cause: internal leakage caused by the wrong assembly of the internal parts of the oil pump
Method of elimination: unloading piece and seal ring must be installed into the oil chamber, two shaft sleeve to maintain balance. The elastic force of the guide wire should be able to twist the upper and lower axle sleeves at the same time by a small Angle towards the rotation direction of the driven gear, so that the two machining planes of the main and driven gear sleeves are closely connected. The unloading groove on the shaft sleeve must be installed on one side of the low-pressure cavity to eliminate the harmful closed dead volume generated when the gear meshing; Before pressing into the self-tightening oil seal, the surface should be coated with a layer of lubricating oil, but also pay attention to the oil blocking edge towards the front cover, can not be installed backwards; Before filling the pump cover, a small amount of hydraulic oil shall be poured into the pump casing and the gear shall be meshed by hand

Fault: The hydraulic oil is too dirty
Method of elimination: Clean the system and replace the hydraulic oil.

Fault: The filter of the pump is blocked by dirt and cannot filter oil
Method of elimination: Clean the filter with clean cleaning oil to remove dirt.

Failure reason: the oil level is insufficient, the oil absorption position is too high, and the oil absorption pipe is exposed
Elimination method: Add oil to the oil standard and lower the oil absorption position.

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