The oil pump motor set is helpful to the operation of the equipment

The oil pump motor set is helpful to the operation of the equipment

Shaft seal or case failure can be reduced by drilling a port in the pump / motor housing and installing a transmission line that allows leakage to drain from the pump housing and return the reservoir. The common name for this transmission line is the "pump case drain" line. In the case of failure of hydraulic components, historical analysis is carried out. In the case of pump / motor housing pressure problems, the question we need to ask is "how long has the problem existed?" For example, if it is suspected that the problem is too much pressure on the case, the problem begins, or soon after the pump / motor is commissioned, the problem is "inherent.". Don't be confused by the ambient temperature. If the machine was delivered in the spring and there was a suspected excessive case pressure problem, it could still be a design problem. If the case drain line returns to the hydraulic tank through the heat exchanger, if the heat exchanger is not equipped with a thermostat or bypass valve.

Hydraulic pump or fluid pump is a device that transfers energy from its moving parts to the fluid passing through the pumping equipment. The energy added to the pump replenishes the velocity and pressure of the fluid. The oil pump motor sets help the equipment run and provide the energy needed to push the fluid in the desired direction. As with other equipment or machinery, it is necessary to maintain the hydraulic pump regularly so that its components can operate efficiently. These moving mechanical parts of the pump utilize energy from a specific source, such as electrical power supplied to it in the form of mechanical energy by an electric motor. A hydraulic pump operates in two different ways; the mechanical action of the pump creates a vacuum at its inlet, allowing gas pressure to push fluid from its reservoir to the pump inlet. Second, the mechanical action of the pump carries the fluid to the outlet section and pushes it through the hydraulic system. You should know that the function of the pump will produce fluid flow or movement; the pump will not generate pressure.

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