Selection of peristaltic pump

Selection of peristaltic pump TIPS: small details, improve your work efficiency

In the last issue, we talked about the peristaltic pump as a type of equipment for precise fluid transmission. The most basic requirement for the correct selection of products is to meet the flow requirements. There are many factors that affect the flow of the peristaltic pump, such as the viscosity of the liquid, the head, and the nature of the liquid.

Effect of liquid viscosity on peristaltic pump

Fluid viscosity is a very important parameter in pump selection. The flow diagram mentioned in the previous issue refers to the flow curve of water transported at an atmospheric pressure. Viscosity affects pump speed, efficiency, power, etc. When the viscosity of the liquid reaches a certain value, the pumping efficiency will be reduced due to the limited suction capacity of the hose. At the same pump speed, the flow rate of the viscous liquid will be smaller than the flow rate when pumping water. The higher the viscosity, the more the flow rate will decrease.

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