Do you know the characteristics of the plunger pump

The plunger pump is a primary equipment in the hydraulic system. It depends on the plunger reciprocating movement in the cylinder block, so that the volume of the sealing operation chamber changes to complete the oil absorption, pressure oil.
Plunger in the cylinder block to reciprocate movement, therefore, it is very large amount of exercise, in the process of work need to bear infinite friction, therefore, the plunger begged high hardness, wear resistance and use life and high precision. Through research, the choice of quenching heat treatment can meet the plunger skill request.

Quenching is a heat treatment skill that heats steel to the critical temperature above Ac3 (subeutectoid steel) or Ac1 (hypereutectoid steel), holds heat for a period of time, makes it all or some austenitized, and then cools it to below Ms (or isothermal near Ms) at a faster rate than the critical cooling rate for martensite (or bainite) modification. Quenching skill is widely used in modern machinery manufacturing industry. The first parts of machinery, especially steel used in automobiles, airplanes, and rockets, are simply quenched.

Inside the machine, all holes of the unit should be covered well. The unit is placed on a foundation with embedded anchor bolts, and a pair of wedge pads are used for correction between the base and the foundation. Calibrate the concentricity of the pump shaft and the motor shaft to allow 0.1mm faults on the outer circle of the coupling road; The vacancy of the two coupling plane shall be ensured to be 2 ~ 4 mm, (small pump to take small value) the vacancy shall be uniform, tolerance 0.3 mm. After connecting the pipe and determining the motor's rolling direction, connect the coupling again and check the concentric shaft again. After 2 ~ 3 hours of practice trial operation of the unit, after final inspection, if there is no adverse phenomenon, the equipment is considered qualified. Check the temperature and oscillation of the bearing in the trial operation process as follows: loosen the coupling shaft, put the horizontal instrument on the pump shaft and the base of the electric oil pump respectively, adjust the wedge cushion, correct the unit level, and properly tighten the anchor bolts to prevent movement. In order to prevent the sundry in the pipeline into the pump, for the pipeline of new equipment, the pump glue should be equipped with filters, the useful section should be greater than the suction pipe section of 2 ~ 3 times.

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