Mettler Toledo MS3001S NewClassic MF

I work IT for a lab, and Service & Support and I have run into this problem with the installation of a scale.  S&S installed a new COM board on the scale and attached it to the workstation. Problem is that now it isn't getting recognized by the computer.

I've run all updates, checked all drivers, changed the COM port on the PC side, and even uninstalled/reinstalled all software/drivers relating to the scale.  The scale still won't communicate with the PC. 

The device specifications are below. Please help if you can!


  • Model: MS3001S /03
  • Type: NewClassic MF
  • PC OS: Windows 10
  • COM Port: COM3
  • Connection: Serial-to-USB (known working, tested with known working scale)
  • USB Port: Known Working (tested with keyboard & mouse)
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