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Door Board fault (Err 80)

Hello board members, I have a problem with the door board on this centrifuge. I have re-soldered the board and connector cables as Don suggested in https://www.labwrench.com/thread/69688/error-80-error-28 and this has improved things dramatically BUT the machine still sets the Err 80 after a while. The Err 80 has a dot just under the TIME label and a 3 at the right hand end of the display. Pressing enter changes the display to "rrAn5" with the afore mentioned dot and 3. As long as the door is not locked, there is no problem but as soon as the door is locked, the LED in the Open Door button lights as expected and then, after a random period of time (5 secs to 1 minute) it starts to blink off briefly every so often, again for a random duration up to about a second. Eventually the off time gets long enough that the Err 80 appears. Once the error appears, the open door button stops working but the LED continues to behave in the same way. I have measured the voltage on the latch sensor wire and that is a little over 4.5v with the lid raised and 1.7v with it down. This does not change when the LED goes out and is the same when measured on the controller board and the Door board. Oddly, disconnecting the door sensor wire from the control board makes no difference to the blinking LED once the Err 80 appears. Any suggestions on what might be causing this would be most appreciated, it is very frustrating to be so close and yet so far. Regards, Graham.
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