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Resolving Error 17

Hello! I work as a Lab mechanic and I am trying to resolve error 17 on a 5415D. I had one laying around the lab that wouldn't power on unless you removed the lid and unplugged/plugged in the ribbon cable that connects the LCD display. Based on info I found in this community and other online resources, I replaced the 35V 22uF, 25V 220uF, and 25V 330uF electrolytic capacitors. It now powers on every time but it displays error 17. I decided to test the board with a multimeter and found that the LM7805 voltage regulator on the isolated LCD display circuit is providing the correct output voltage at 5VDC. But the LM7805 near the capacitors I replaced by the U2844A PWM controller has an input and output voltage of 3 VDC and 0.7 VDC, respectively. I decided to test for AC voltage as well at the voltage regulator and observed an input and output voltage of 5 VAC and 0.9 VAC, respectively. I also found AC voltage across the 35V 22uF cap. Now I am not an electronics specialist by any means, but I do know that the LM7805 is not designed to handle AC voltage so something is definitely going wrong upstream. I still haven't replaced the main power supply filter cap 250V 560uF. Could it be that it is faulty and not filtering the AC voltage correctly? Or could it be an issue with the bridge rectifier? I decided to order a new 250V 560uF cap, KBU808 bridge rectifier, and a LM7805 (just in case) to replace them to see if it resolves the issue. But is there anything else I might be missing? I decided to focus on components of the AC/DC converter portion of the circuit but is there anything else I should be looking at? Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am not looking to send this out for repair as it is not worth the money since you can buy these used in good working condition on eBay for $300-500. Thanks in advance!
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Hello, did you ever find a solution? I've replaced the 22uF cap for a couple and that was all that was needed, but another still has a blank screen after replacing the 220uF and testing the 330uF to be correct.  I only get coil whine when powering on and was next going to look at the components you appear to have already done.

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