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No Heating

Have an Innova 44 (modified for cooling) that will not heat. Unit powers on, shakes, fans blow, compressor runs and cools as expected, but it will not heat. Fuse checks out fine, and the display indicates the unit is calling for heat with the little squiggly symbol along the bottom row. Removing the heater leads from the board they show a 75ohm heater coil on the volt meter. Applying remotely with 110V the unit warms (though meekly as a result of the lower than spec voltage). It appears the coil itself and any over temp switches, clixons, etc in the case are functional. With the heater disconnected and running a meter to the board directly I get zero VAC ostensibly supplying it. Removing the power board, unsoldering the control relay and powering it on a bench with 5VDC on the coil and a hot lead running through the contacts it does pass AC voltage as it should. Clearly there is a control issue somewhere on the upper board. There is +5VDC potential running to the relay positive terminal and the 5V regulator on the control board is working. Before I dive into the control board for hours to determine IF the logic is working, has anyone seen this trouble before? Is there another remote sensor Im not seeing that may be failed or is it more likely a logic board issue?
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