Issues with lid closure on Biorad CFX-96 Real-time PCR machine

I am having issues with the lid function on a Biorad CFX-96 Real-time PCR machine. On powering up the Lid moves to an open position. The lid will not close, neither when I press the button on the front of the machine, nor when I select the close lid option in the software. When I attempt to close the lid via the software, I get the following error message: 0000C0069 Lid positioning error. Please power instrument of then back on. When I turn the machine of and back on it runs basic diagnostics, reporting everything to be OK. When the power is switched off, I can lower the lid, but it doesn't lock closed, and when the machine is switched back on, the lid moves back to the open position. We have booked an engineer, but I was hoping someone may have encountered similar issues, or knows of a quick fix, whilst we are waiting for the engineer's visit. Thanks in advance.
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