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Service manual?

Anyone have a service manual for a 1400UP? The setup documentation we have indicates that it is possible to set up using a tank for RO rather than a plumbed line. Our RO system pump has failed and I need to set mine up to use a tank and need to know how to do this and what size tank is needed. Hoping this info is in the service manual. Thanks!
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Call or email the Factory with the model and serial number they have great phone tech support: 800-332-1855  / service@lancer.com and can email you an older manual - or put you in touch with your local rep who should be able to help.  Yes, you can hook up to a water tank for the RO - just make sure it is large enough to cover all the RO/DI water needed in one full cycle.  The sump holds 20-25L- so check for how many cold and hot DI rinses there are in the cycle total and multiply -  also the supply should have appropriate pressure.  Sorry I cannot seem to upload the manual.  Good Luck

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Thank you very much for your quick response. We will check the connectors and cable connections. I keep my fingers crossed. 

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