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Deceleration- RPM Sporadic Reading Starting <= 200rpm

Hi, I have a Beckman Optima TLX Ultracentrifuge. The centrifuge is functional except for when it is decelerating. It slows down as expected but when it gets to about 200rpm it starts giving a sporadic RPM error and fails to recognize that it has stopped. To retrieve my samples, I can turn the power off and back on (results in a power error that can be cleared with "ce" button). This demonstrates that the rotor has indeed stopped. Sometimes, it will lock the door for 20 minutes with a "spd" error but I am thinking that I can circumvent this by turning off the centrifuge sooner (as an aside: the sporadic rpm reading may be confusing the centrifuge resulting in a "spd" error). Nonetheless, this power off/on and "spd" error risk, is an undesirable way to manage the centrifuge and samples. Has anyone experienced, on deceleration, this sporadic RPM reading before or have an idea of what may be going on?
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