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H6 Rotor acceleration error

I have an Avanti J XN-26XP that is giving a H6 rotor acceleration error. The unit will not run above 12Krpm. If I install a 25.50 rotor and set it to 15Krpm the unit will run, accelerate as expected to just below 12Krpm and not go any higher, the vacuum does not start as the speed isn't over half rotor speed. If I install a 16.250 rotor and set it to 10Krpm the unit runs, accelerates, at approx 8Krpm the vacuum pump starts, pulls vacuum, cuts out and holds vacuum as expected, it runs to 10Krpm as expected. If I then increase the speed to 15Krpm, it accelerates to just below 12Krpm and will not go any higher. The unit does not always error but will not go above 12Krpm. I have tried a new inverter board which made no difference. Any help much appreciated
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