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5810r problem, help needed!

The 5810R turn on alright, then display either error3 on pressing start or cannot latch the lid when closed. Any idea? Your help is highly appreciated. If anyone is in Chicago area and familiar with this centrifuge, please let me know. bathyg@gmail.com
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Error 3 related in No rotor


- No rotor impulses during a run or during
- No rotor, rotational speed measurement
system or drive defective.
- The rotor is not tightened.
1. No impulses after start.
2. Rotational impulse failure during a
run. The centrifuge coasts to a stop
without braking and will remain locked
for a maximum of 12 min.
The lid can be opened after the
blocking time has elapsed.
The error remains active after the
device has been switched off and
switched back on


- Keep the centrifuge switched on.
Wait for the blocking time to elapse.
- Tighten the rotor.
- Check the rotor detection and rotor
impulses with the service function SE
- Check the motor connections (motor
speed) on the PCB Control/Convert
and correct them, if necessary.
 - Check the X10 plug contacts on the
PCB Control/Frequency converter
and correct if necessary.
- Replace the rotor.
-  Replace the motor cap with rotational
speed sensor.
- Replace the motor.
- Replace the PCB Control/Converter

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