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eppendorf 5810r lid spring lifter replacement

Hi all, I just ordered a replacement for the lid spring lifter for a eppendorf 5810r. the lid keeps falling down and it needs a replacement. it is an easy replacement to do? any pictures or indications on the panels to remove and tips to do it properly? thanks for the help!
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If im not mistaken you can screw the rod into the retaining bracketĀ  on the bottom on the inside. You dont have to remove the bracket with the clip.

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Ronald Assis

Hi Nibhelim,

It is a pretty easy procedure. All you need is 01 Philips screw driver and 01 Thick long nose pliers. It will take you about 15min. If you need help, my Whatsapp is +55 31 999151525. Regards, Ronald Costa from RSTECH Repair Solutions.

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For illustrations and details see my blog at www.Sahara Simba.com

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