My standards are not reading right, help

my lab just got an AA 500... tech installed but it is a new tech. My old tech usually set up everything for me. I have 3 standards for Na 1ppm, 2ppm and 3pmm which usually read 0.200 (1ppm) and 0.400 (2ppm) and 0.600. when I ran my standards they ran 0.6xx, and is there a way I can adjust for them to be above..... sometime I will run them and they may read 0.189, 0.404, 0.576 but they are close to the 2,4,6.... for K I run 123ppm and its is 0.100, 0.200 and 0.300, now they are saying and and on the instrument where it says calculated concentrations. usually the calculated concentrations run .2 .4 .6 for Na and K .1 .2 .3.... Help how can I adjust that, can it be adjusted in the instrument? is it something in my method?
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