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Optima L-80 XP Ultracentrifuge compatibility with AH-629 Swing Bucket Rotor?

Does anyone know if my Thermo Scientific AH-629 Swing Bucket Rotor is compatible with this Optima L-80 XP ultracentrifuge? The rotor is rated for 29,000 RPM and I believe the Optima can handle up to 80,000 RPM. I am unsure about the fit tho...I will travel to another lab where they only have this ultracentrifuge available and I don't mind bringing my own rotor but I need to ensure that it is compatible first...it would suck to carry around this heavy rotor and even worse to damage it or the centrifuge. I'd also appreciate if you can include a link to where you found this information. Thanks!
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Your rotor will probably work and should fit just fine.  However, Given that there have been many changes to the overspeed pickoff assemblies and disks that are used on BCI rotors, your rotor with the Thermo disk that is on it may not work properly or at all.  It won't hurt to try but do not be surprised if you get a disk or speed error when you do.  The only solution would be to swap out the disk on your rotor for one manufactured by BCI.  Just the facts.


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