Error 2 (overspeed)

I have an older IEC Centra GP8R centrifuge (not Thermo branded) that we acquired from another lab. The centrifuge is aborting runs with error code 2 (overspeed). The tachometer seems to be working. When I spin the rotor by hand the speed display indicates an appropriate RPM. If I start a run with the speed set at 500 rpm and the slowest acceleration, the speed quickly reaches 1000 rpm then aborts with error 2. I checked the panel and there are no blown fuses. After the run aborts, there is an odor that smells like burning electrical wires but I don't see any smoke. I checked all the wires I could see and none appear damaged. I recently replaced the motor brushes, could that be the source of the smell? I have the manual for the centrifuge but it doesn't provide much help with the error codes other than saying what they are. Google is likewise not much help other than providing links to the manual. So, I am turning to this forum for suggestions about what to do next. Thanks in advance.
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