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Multipole amplifier failures

Hi there, Does anyone have any experience with the following errors/failures? I would be interested in your experiences. Readback test Fail: Multipole amplifier output. Multipole RF modulation: Out of Range [Min: 4.00 Max: 8.00 Obs. Min: -0.55 Mean: -0.55 Obs. Max: -0.55] Multipole RF (V): FAIL [Min: 415.00 Max:435.00 Obs. Min: 0.82 Mean: 1.08 Obs. Max: 1.28] Multipole RF Current (A): FAIL [Min: 0.10 Max:0.30 Obs. Min: 0.00 Mean:0.00 Obs. Max: 0.00] At a minimum, I would like to know which circuit board is responsible for these signals. Thanks for any help you may be able to provide. Best, -Richard Galambos

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