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Reasons to love Metrohm IC

Visit us at PITTCON to see our wide range of models designed and priced to meet any lab need and budget. High-tech features include a continuously regenerating suppressor that’s guaranteed to last 10 years. Smart chips in columns and accessories help optimize parameters and workflow, and budget-saving automation for sample prep and eluent generation saves significant time and operational costs. Our latest UV-VIS detection is the perfect solution for labs testing hexachrome levels in drinking water. [url=http://www.metrohmusa.com/]Metrohm USA[/url], Inc. & Metrohm Canada, Inc. 6555 Pelican Creek Circle Riverview, FL 33578 Toll-free: 866-METROHM (638-7646) [b]PITTCON BOOTH # 3435[/b]

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