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Reg. Quote And Suppliers in India

Can you Send me a quote for SPE-DEX® 3100 and share the detail of suppliers in India
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Please note that LabWrench does not manufacture, buy, or sell any equipment. The equipment on the LabWrench site is manufacturered and sold by other companies. LabWrench provides users with access to information, discussion forums, and service providers, but we do not sell any equipment. I would suggest that you reach out to the manufacturer directly for a quote. You can do this by clicking the "Request support" button on the equipment product page on LabWrench, and choose the "Request a quote" option. 

Additionally, you can browse LabX.com which is an online marketplace for new, used, and refurbished scientific equipment. 

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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-LabWrench Site Admin

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