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Instrument gives 5% error

I doubt data that Labsys Evo TGA instrument gives me. My samples were water based silver suspensions that should contain around 0,6% of silver nano-particles, I made TGA experiment and received that sample contains 6% of residual after heating to 500C. So I tried to check instrument and I made experiment with deionized water, I received that it contains 5% residual what is impossible, there should be zero residual. I used 75 uL Al crucibles without lids. Sample masses were around 30 mg. Reference crucible was the same, but without Al2O3. What should I do in this case? What might be the problem? Is there standard way check the instrument correctness? I have other question: can I use this instrument to determine silver content in suspension that should contain ~0,6% of silver and neglectable quantities of other compounds. How precise will be the result?
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