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Scan issues - Either 4.5AU or 0.3AU all the time

Hello anyone out there! I recently brought a DU7400 back to life with thorough cleaning and electrical contact cleanup. I found the lamps in good shape, 400 hours on the UV, and the instrument boots and all menus are working. No errors on the startup sequence except the RAM Battery, which went away on its own. Both lamps are projecting onto the grating, no obstructions. With both lamps on, and after running a blank, the spectra is either a straight line from 200-800nm at 4.5AU, or 0.3AU. Trying different optical filters staggers the pattern between 4.5 and 0.3, but there is no smooth, continuous plot. I am wondering if anyone has encountered this issue, and has any advice. I am hoping there is something procedurally I'm missing here, before I attempt to mess with the optics bench. Thank you in advance! Dean
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