centrifuge non operational - keypad DRO dark

I'm an Electronic Technician servicing Instrumentation within our facility. Have a Avanti J-26 XP in which the front panel/keypad is dark. Have removed the front and rear panels. Checked/verified 240v legs into and out of the switch/breaker - all fine. Voltage is making it to small Power Supply mounted on rear wall. However, I have no schematics to show what the voltages "out" should be on multipin strip at base of supply. Secondly, I have checked the fuses on the front mounted control board - all fine. With power on and interlock defeated I verified voltage test points at edge of board- all fine. There is one green led lite as well as two yellow leds lite ("front & rear" designated on silk screening on PCB). I have not begun to disassemble front control panel/keypad assembly at this point. Without a schematic or service manual I may have performed all troubleshooting common sense would dictate. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dave
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