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Tecan Fluent Programming

Hi All, In my lab we have just installed the Tecan Fluent and I have started to find out how to start to program with the FluentControl software. There are a couple of questions that were not clearly addressed by Tecan when I asked them up front. 1. how can I create a subscript that can perform repeated segments in my normal script. I'd rather have to make one subscript that I can 'call' every time I need it. 2. Is there an easier way to get the information on all the variables in the script and the script setup besides using the Fluent software? I have programming experience with R and I see some similarities, but the software is a bit slow when I compare it to R. Dirk
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For your first question, what you're looking for is called a subroutine. Create your sub as a script and save it, then under "programming" you'll see the options to insert into your main script. You can make it synchronous or asynchronous. Applications I've seen: FCA is performing a serial dilution off to the left of the deck while the RGA is moving plates in and out of a carousel (this was on a 1080)...later in the script on the same instrument, a subroutine was created to control a shaker with a 300ml trough (shake for x seconds, stop, loop through this y times) while the FCA/MCA were pipetting.

Under "window" at the top, you can view all of your variables and their value/scope...but that is still inside FC, so I am not sure this answers your second question.

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