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Flow and pressure are not ready

3800 is not getting to ready. it is equilibrating and stabilizing continously, pressure = 12 psi , thers a variation of + - .3 . checked for leaks and changed septa. In the status, it is showing workstation: not ready. what could be the problem? Kindly help.

Equipment: Gas chromatography

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 For 5 min or some times even longer it is staying there, after that it runs normal, but by displaying the same message again while it is in run. Pressure  and/or flow not ready?? The acceptable pressure range of a pressurized area will be between 0.05 and 0.5 psi, depending on its type of ...Front inlet flow not ready run time 3.76. Oven not ready run time 5.77 ... Try manually setting the    clickercounter.org    pressure on the GC key pad.You can tell if there is a blockage if the back pressure from the column begins to ... To find out what is not ready, you can click on the icon, select Not ...FIX or WORKAROUND · Open the Empower Instrument method for 7697A. · On General tab, select the Tray type for HS 7697A (see screenshot). · On ...

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