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a trouble during operating our 3200 qtrap system

I have a trouble during operating our 3200 qtrap system that we just get it in second hand. I connected N2 on pressure 30 psi according to the manual that says the curtain gas should be turned on and flow should be as least 20 psi(see https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tbCTtXIVBXiDfI56okTk_f3OXy14WhN8/view?usp=sharing). After I switched on vacuum pump, open Analyst software and active 3200 qtrap by configuring synchronization trigger at active low, building acquisition method with MS scanning type in positive Q1 MS (Q1), with starting and stopping at 200Da and 700 Da at 2.5 second, building acquisition batch based on this method and submitting it. I got error message that says "Could not submit the batch data; DABServer Error=0x80040400 Acquisition method(s) selected is inconsistent with the active Hardware Profile. Check the Hardware Profileā€(see https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wxEkHAO9D6kDHX0uM2-uZ5h2sQ5-OdeQ/view?usp=sharing). At the same times, the status ready light (green) of 3200 qtrap was extinguished after flash in several minute (see https://drive.google.com/file/d/164drfB07jSgMdqkIJ4FUsC8zmpE82fqa/view?usp=sharing)(it shows what the manual says about the status ready light). Is it normal for this ready light extinguishing? Is any idea for solving this batch error?

Equipment: SCIEX - API 3200™ System

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