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Electroporation system for mammals fibloblasts into oocytes

Can we use this machine for nuclear transfer (mammals fibloblasts into oocytes)?

If your answer is yes, what protocol should we use for the program? We currently use electropolation system gene pulser xcell.

I await your answer.  Thanks :D

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Hello! My name is Alexia and I'm with BTX Harvard Apparatus. You should be able to use your Bio-Rad Xcell system for this application. What kind of oocytes are you working with? The energy applied would depend on the size of the oocyte. If you'd like a protocol, you can visit our website at www.btxonline.com , we have protocols for mouse, rat, rabbit, pig, goat and cow oocytes. That being said, NT applications are more efficiently done when you have an AC or aligning current which causes the fibroblast to press up against the zona pellucida, followed by a DC pulse to cause fusion, such a setup is available in the ECM 2001 electrofusion system sold by BTX. However, we can provide you with parameters that you can use in your Bio-Rad system. We also have an online chat feature in case you have any questions. I hope this helps.

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