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eppendorf 5810R board diagnostics

Error 6 has numerous causes, this unit was working until moved, now it's all error 6. Temp control works fine. Does anybody know if the service manual is worth the $$? I don't want to replace the freq conv bd if I can see a work around. I have several other svc manuals for eppendorf, but the tech support folks are so unhelpful, that I may just recommend replacing unit with another more servicable brand.
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Hey jjj, you can send it to

brookss6 at msu dot edu

Thanks, Steve

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My centrifuge 5804 R  showing error 2. The only way to run the centrifuge is to run instantly after closing the lid. otherwise, after 2-3 seconds of closing the door the error 2 comes and not allow to start centriguge.

Is there a way to reset error 2?



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Dear Alexan. Your error is related to imbalance sensor. Check the brown-yellow-green-white ribbon cable connections at the board. You can take it out and in, clean the pins. If not solved do the following: with the centrifuge lid open push both arrow keys, display will change. press up until you see as first digit "6:".  You should have a value of 670 +/- 100 there. If you move the rotor axis this value should change. If the value displayed is out of range, the imbalance sensor should be readjusted.

please check this and post your results in order to help you further.

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Hi, jjj

Could you send me a link to the old service manual too?

Thanks LF

mforrest at ku dot edu

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Awesome! Thanks a lot for that Service Manual. It just helped us to get a centrifuge running again after an "Error 2" after we had to remove a lot of rust and dirt out of an old centrifuge!

Adjusting the imbalance-sensor still is a huge pain! :)


best, Marco

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Glad to see the question here because I have suffered this once before. Now I know how to make it. Biotech is always complicated for me. Thanks! 

Enjoy the Life!  
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I have an old 5810R. When power it on, it always ask me to press open lid. Once I open and close the lid, it gives error 2 immediately. I've adjust the imbalance sensor to 667 followed by the service manual, the problem still exist, re-check the balance sensor, still with in the spec 670+/-30.


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I have an Eppendorf 5804R that is giving error 24.

The supplier recommended me to change the whole board, but I am actually looking for a more economical solution.

Anyone can help me on that error?

Thank you

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the 5810R in my lab suddenly stopped working with the Error 6. the error shows "9:6 0 1 00" when i press the up and down arrows at the same time.

eppendorf says they do not support repairs or parts for this model anymore.

is there any way to fix it ? or do we need to get a new one but thats really expensive..



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For an Error 6, I have had luck just reseating connectors on the main board.

It does not always work, though. The Error 6 I am working on now has a solder run blown completely off the board

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