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eppendorf 5810R board diagnostics

Error 6 has numerous causes, this unit was working until moved, now it's all error 6. Temp control works fine. Does anybody know if the service manual is worth the $$? I don't want to replace the freq conv bd if I can see a work around. I have several other svc manuals for eppendorf, but the tech support folks are so unhelpful, that I may just recommend replacing unit with another more servicable brand.
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There are two different versions of the 5810, an older one and a newer one. The manuals from the link given above are for the newer model. I have the older machine and someone sent me the older manual. All of these manuals are scanned copies so the schematic pages are almost impossible to read. Eppendorf sent me the original PDFs for some of these schematics. I forwarded them to the Admin here but I haven't seen them post a link for them yet.


My machine gives an error 6. I was able to find that a trace on the main board had burned open. This trace supplies power to the frequency convertor card. Examination of that card shows a very slight deforming of the two large capacitors on it. I can't readily see how to seperate this card from the metal base it is attached to. Reno in a post above says he replaced two capacitors to fix his machine.


Hey RENO! If you're listening can you tell me how you did that?

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Check the link above, there is a service manual available in 3 parts.

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Did you ever manage to get a service manual for the 5810R?. and if you did would you be able to send it to me?




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Does anyone know where I can get a schematic of the Control card for the 5810R?

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Quote medphysteo

Service manual is now posted in 3 parts here:




You are awesome.  Was looking for the service manual everywhere for my centrifgue 5804.

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Do you have a diagram to illustrate how to make this repair.  I have a 5810R that is throw me an error 6.  The centrifuge continue to cool down and everthing else appears normal unitl i start a run and it indicates an error 6??? could you help me out?




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Hi Guys

I have a fault with this centrifuge with lid lock issue. When trying to close the top lid, the motor tries to latch the lid but stops half way. after few tries it does close, but fails to open the lid when button is pressed. I have replaced the lid lock motor and the lid microswitches but fault remains. I have monitored the motor voltage. there motor works without load, but voltage cuts off as soon as load is applied to it.

any suggessions on what might be causing the motor voltage to cut off??

also link to service manual would be helpfull.




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I replaced two biggest electrolytic capacitor on  frequency convertor board - it solved problem. (there was error 6)

  regards   Reno Zagreb     

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Sorry for my english .

Usualy the problem ( in the case of error 6  - over load ) it's in a IGBT conected betwen the bridge rectifier and the brake resistor located in the inverter module.

This module it's the module conected to the motor.


sorry my english but today i've repaired another centrifuge with the same problem.


Please don,t hesitate to contact me.


All the best

Augusto hospassis@gmail.com

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HI Reno

No we do not have the Service Manual here.  There are many publications on the Eppendorf Website:


Click on the following links

1. Support and ep Services

2. Literature Library

3. Manuals

There you will find a list of products to choose from.


Ronnie Stanley
LabWrench Administrator
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