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Valves being Powered by MP-3A

Are these valves (ASCO JSF8262G2) 240V or 208V? The MP-3A runs on 240V and 208V but does it have the capability of 120V out to peripheral components?

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This unit (MP-3A) was designed with an inlet voltage of either 240V or 208V. This system was not designed for operation with a 120V inlet source or source to any components in the still. The 240V or 208V stills feed that same main line voltage of the still to the heating elements, contacts of the solenoid valves, water switch and off switch. The coils of the solenoid valves and the on switch are fed with a low voltage DC source (24 VDC).

I hope this information helps to answer your question about the operation of the Mega-Pure Still. If you need parts or additional information regarding this still, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist you.


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